Welcome to my page!  Thanks for checking it out.  I would never have imagined myself doing this, so I’m just as shocked as I’m sure my friends and family are.  But the fact that I am is just another testament of the transformative power of these practices.  You find yourself changing and doing things you would never have imagined. 

But I’m a work in progress.  I’m not pretending to be an enlightened blissed out Yogi where everything is rainbows and butterflies.  The world today is hard.  I’m frequently not my best self.  I still get triggered, moody, short tempered.  But after years of practice, I’m now quicker to realize when I’m off track and when I’m wrong.  I’m quicker to apologize when needed, and quicker to bring myself back to center and into alignment.

That’s why Yoga is called a practice.  It’s a daily practice where you get on your mat every morning, breathe consciously, and start anew.  Where you calm your mind, cleanse your body, balance your energy, elevate your frequency, and bring yourself back to center.  It’s where you face yourself every morning, discovering how your maladaptive conditioning shows up for you.  You build a relationship with yourself, and in turn, learn how you can be and do better.  

I hope to share how I personally apply these tools and techniques to change myself and navigate this crazy world.  I hope it provides you with some helpful tools and resources.  The first time I went to India, I accidently stumbled into a Kundalini Yoga class, and it absolutely blew my mind.  I hated it but loved it at the same time, and couldn’t get enough of it.  So I teach less mainstream yoga and focus more on the yogic practices of Kundalini, Kriya’s, Breathwork, Meditation, Bhakti, and Mantra.  It’s probably not what you are used to in a “yoga class” here in the US, so come with curiosity and an open mind to discover the complete system and full power of Yoga. 

I would love to hear from you, so please reach out and let me know what’s going on and how I can best serve you. 

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  Hari Om, Tat Sat.