Evolve and Transform

Kriya and Kundalini Yoga ~ Breathwork ~ Meditation ~ Lifestyle

Yoga is a science and technology for health, self transformation, personal growth, and living at your highest potential. Through an integrated Yoga, lifestyle, and spiritual practice, Noelia Yoga & Wellness helps people establish vibrant health, break through subconscious blocks and patterns, gain confidence, and awaken their true potential.

More than Asana

Yoga is much deeper than a “work out.” Although Yoga is excellent for increasing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and leanness, the benefits are far greater than just the physical. Yoga changes you on a physiological and cellular level, rewires your nervous system, calms the fluctuations of the mind, and purifies you from the inside out. When you change on the inside, your world begins to change on the outside.


Experience the transformative power of Kriya and Kundalini Yoga through private Yoga sessions, virtual classes, corporate Yoga, workshops and events.


Discover the benefits and power of Pranayama, Breath Kriya’s, and Transformational breathwork.


Access your highest potential with meditation either through private initiation into the ancient Sattva Meditation technique, virtual classes, corporate and executive trainings.

Lifestyle Coaching

Achieve a higher level of overall wellness with our nutritional and lifestyle counseling through either private session or workshops & events.

Are you ready to change your life?